Leslie Becker

Hi, I'm Leslie.

I’m a Broadway actress, Billboard artist and Bestselling author. I believe our talents are a privilege and a gift, and it’s important to embrace them every day. Whether bringing a memorable character to life, writing a thought-provoking story or crafting a song or musical, I approach them all with integrity, bravery, artistry and love.


My heart beats for storytelling that leaves people touched, moved and inspired. Whether originating a role in a new show, or performing iconic leading character women from the classics, I absolutely love the invigorating and unique connection that happens in a live performance.

Acting Work


I’ve always love words. They are the building blocks that give us our life. They can empower or destroy, transfix or transform, and when used impeccably, can resonate so loudly as to leave people speechless. In theatrical storytelling, we use them to evoke emotion, take an audience on a journey, and set them on a melody so perfectly, that no other words will do.

Current Projects


Music truly connects the world. It car stir happiness and heal heartache. There is something so vulnerable and freeing about singing your deepest thoughts to a crowd and watching them connect to it. Equally stirring is hearing someone else bring your music and words to life in their own way. In short, music is love.

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